Japanese inspired.
Locally influenced.

who are we?

At Crafty Ramen, we pride ourselves on making almost everything in house – crafting our broths, preparing our toppings and oils, and even making our own noodles from scratch. We use no artificial seasonings, flavourings or MSG in our bowls. Our menu is inspired by Japanese ramen, and contains a reworking of classic bowls combined with our own unique twists. No matter the offering, we put an innovative Crafty twist on everything we do. Our region influences many of these innovations, as we pride ourselves on using only the best local ingredients wherever possible. We work constantly to refine all of our products, in the ultimate goal of constant improvement.


Hello GTA! πŸ‘‹ We are so excited to have our Spicy Negi Vegan and Northern Warmer DIY Kits listed with Bondi Prodcut for home delivery 🚚. Check out their site to order a kit so and much more!β €β €β €

Salad Days!

Meet Hiyashu Chuka! Our cold and refreshing broth-less ramen bowl. It comes with a choice of chicken breast, pork chashu, or sesame-crusted tofu, with edamame, green onion, roastedcorn, cucumber, cherry tomato, and house-made thick noodles in a choice of spicy miso or sweet and tangy soy dressing.

Cripsy Soy Noodles!

Our new summer snack! Made with our fresh noodles coated in roasted soy tare and fried until golden. The perfect beer snack.

DIY Ramen Kits!

Now available for daily pick up from one of our shops or delivery with UberEats & DoorDash. Choose from 5 different flavours, have some noodle fun and show us your creations! 

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""It's not hard but it is fun. Crafty Ramen has put you in the kitchen and they've made putting a delicious bowl of soup on your table an easy, fun and delicious event.""

– Matthew Forbes , on DIY Ramen Kits

"β€œQuality, fresh ingredients, simple to follow instructions and awesome service with a smile at pickup time.  It’s like I’m my own Crafty Ramen Chef!""

– Christine Steiniger , on DIY ramen kits

"β€œThe DIY kits are easy to assemble, and the taste keeps me going back for more.”"

– Holly Hawke, Chef, The Plant Society Kitchen

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